Our design and development team consists of passionate and talented UI and UX designers, software engineers and testers to build you the website that will make a positive impact on your business.

Responsive Design

We consider mobile in everything we do and complete rigorous testing to ensure the user experience is consistent from device to device. As an agency we are mobile adopters, we know what works, what’s new and how to do it best.

Technical Capabilities

We are experts in Big Commerce, WordPress, PHP and .NET. We are all about mobile first and know the importance of user analytics to drive decisions on usability.

Digital Experts

Digihyve is a full service digital agency that deals with everything. We see a wider picture, because we create it all day long. We know the importance of integrating your other digital channels into your web presence, converting traffic into sales.

Quick Delivery

We simply get it done. It takes two to tango, so you will need to hop on board. We at Digihyve work together with our clients to create beautiful digital platforms.

Need A Refresh Or A Brand New Shiny Website

Whether you just want to refresh your website, get responsive or craft a brand new experience for your customers, we are here to help. It just takes a quick chat to get things started, so drop us a hello and let’s get planning.


There are various steps in the web development and web designing process.  From collecting the raw data, to the final product, and then to maintain to keep your web site up to date and active.

For everyone the process will be different, but the essential characteristics would be the same.

  • Information Gathering
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing and Delivery
  • Maintenance


  • The important step is gathering information is to understand the business need
  • Identify the target audience
  • How exactly the gathered information will be used?
  • Understand the goal
  • How can content be used in meeting all the requirements?


Keeping the goal in mind, plan the campaign in a way which is the right fit for customer need.


The key component of a successful web solution service is to design the campaign in a smart way which utilize the resources and give an optimum outcome.


The development stage is when the results start to show. You can finally see the output of all the steps emerging into one final stage.


This is the final stage of web development. In this stage website will be tested and bugs will be fixed and after that, website will be live and ready for operation.


After the web designing and development part is over. A website needs to be maintained to ensure that there are no further issues and it’s running smoothly.


To achieve the client’s business needs and objectives, our team of experts create dynamic and secure websites that reach their target market.


We specialize in designing SEO friendly websites which result in targeting a large number of audience.


At Digihyve, we are specialized in providing custom web application development solutions to large established enterprise to small startups for their specified business need. Every business has their own custom requirement which is not fulfilled by ready-made web solutions. We also help our client to migrate existing web application to new technologies. At Digihyve, we strongly believe that each business has its own unique requirements thus it need customized solutions. Our team of web developer’s, web designers and project managers can help you get the desired results to reach the required results quickly.